Training classes

$65.00 – If using your own pistol & ammunition (50 rounds)
$85.00 – If Magnum provides pistol & ammunition

PreRegistration: Not Required

Length of Class:  1 Day

Class is offered:
Every Thursday @ 8:00am

Please consult our calendar to confirm class dates and times.

In order to attend class, you must arrive at our office 15 minutes before class is scheduled to begin.


  • Student must be 18 or older
  • Must have already completed the Level 3 or 4 Courses or already hold a Commission or PPO license.

Required Materials: Each officer will need to have his own pistol & 50 rounds of ammunition for the firearm qualification.
If necessary Magnum will provide the pistol & ammunition for an additional fee of $20.00 (as reflected in the tuition listed above).

Description: The Requalification Course must be completed every two years in order to renew the commission license and/or PPO license. This course certification is also used to renew an expired Level 3 or 4 Certificate if no license was obtained after 90 days from the date of completion.

This course consists of classroom lecture. After which, students will go to the range where they must be able to demonstrate proficiency with a firearm. The range fee is included in the cost of this course.

Students will receive their Firearm Proficiency Certificate upon successful completion of this course.

Topics Covered:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Firearm Training
  • Pistol Qualification

Additional Information:
Shotgun Qualification is NOT part of this course. If you wish to re-qualify with a shotgun (optional) there will be an additional fee of $25.00. This fee includes the use of shotgun & ammunition for qualification.

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